older 2 line poems

The following smattering of poems are from the original series written between may of 2007 and may of 2008. Not all are present, just the ones that stood out to me for whatever reason. It was fun to go back and look through these written “photos”, so to speak.


occurrence verb

my new phone decomposes glued to my ear
it is not impossible to have verbs with zero valency

head of iceberg lettuce

theres no vitamins
and it sinks unsinkable ships

pine tree

pine nut pine cone pineapple
applesauce apple pie goodbye

sound waves

the waves are getting rough and whitecapped
but were talking about sound so they will not drench

new deck of cards

just like gambling with a dead person
it dont matter what you bet

murky water

without considering the consequences once in my life
i step into the forest and let the trees shuffle me

10 gallon cowboy hat

the west wasnt won with
weapons and warfare but a lack of emotion and paperwork

muck rake

mudslinger harbinger
its not a tick if theres no stinger

red cardinalidae cardinalis cardinalis

remember the cardinal laws inked into treaties
kingdom phylum class order family genus species

donkey hotey

if your windmill disappears
blame the fantastical nature of people

black ink

and while nothing is ever completed
some things will never start

a span of time

you have to get your increments right
before you discuss a plan

sales reciept

nothing adds up
when youre subtracting

cloth napkin

napkins are good at cleaning a mess
am i or my tears considered that

fiscal year tax break

you are the most beautiful person i have ever
seen and want to take a taxi through the city with you

old man

the turtle approaches me despite the heft of his shell and says
youll never be handed the gold  thats why we have storybooks

a string of numbers

there is a list of reasons that has slowly
looped itself around my neck

wishing well

i could use some magick now
because my ears are only filled with noise

vomit on a plate

quarters in my ear and knuckles for my nose
theres a black hole in you hat to make you disapear

big smile

theres always a gap in my polygon
that prevents me from filling up

gods pee and elevation

the tops of trees are first in line
but if i die in the dead sea is it all just a waste

several minutes

what a meticulous and forgettable project
when you have full reign

binary star

are you revolving around me
or vice versa

morse code

with beeps and flashes and dashes and dots
you are serenaded during wartime

dusty old pickup truck

left in a field
where only the weeds interact softly

collectible stamp

theres a fire in your house
stamp or smother it

diamond ring

somewhere a phone rings for 50 years
the tv was too loud

ten speed


were somewhere in the middle of an uprooted light pole
and two clenched hands on the wheel

honey and the bear

beeswax syntax relax pickax
polar bears don’t eat honey

a vomitorium

rome wasnt built in a day
but they did build the calender

april ides

id go out and do something about it but
id just be rewriting history

inner space

a place doesnt visit itself
shut off your phone

maple helicopters

nature is waiting for you to watch it
shut off your phone

multiple layer screen saver

save yourself or your screen
with simple pictures

moral dilemma

yes i have killed time
but i can assure you that it wasn’t premeditated

puddle strewn lake field

yes nothing really makes any sense
like skipping rocks into your tv

black plague

rats are busy
because everybody hates em

court jester national pud

with his bag of wind and cap n bells
stanczyk is the only person who sheds a tear

phone curtains

draw the curtain closed to wall off the world
every inch of it is ringing for you

asphalt raindrops

lets go walking in the downpour
the sky rains its owns sidwalk

leaf clouds

if i was a bird or an airplane
id nest there

staple bound paper booklet

it weighs more than an anvil
scribbled and scrawled carefully

triskaidekaphobia and horror movies

its very uncomfortable
in the merriest of ways

different view

sometimes you have to climb down the mountain
to really see how tall it is

size one billion shoe

make the earth a jacket for its retirement party
thats a tall order to fill and large shoes to wear

public and private debts

privacy is white noise on your tv
change the channel  its splattered paint

quote pentagon

we are packed like sardines
getting shot in a barrel



famous quote the second

the only way to achieve perfection
is to be an eternal customer



famous quote

we all know how it goes
you kill some birds  then build a wall of stones

moss covered picnic table

there are fallen trees
that are perfect for sitting

step letter

youve pulled me on your path
there are miles of forest

60 year old bellies

cameras where theyre not supposed to go
depressed rust always is normal

manhole cover

at this point its beyond all of us
and it all went down the drain

wrench hammer screwdriver saw

i wish i had a toolbox
in which there were intangible tools to fix intangible things

pip-squeaky clean

the littlest thing can flip over the world
and sweep under the carpet

right arm


ive pulled it off successfully
if a bit gruesome  lackadaisical

extra day

we know what were doing
leaps and bounds above the rest

guns and armistice day

ive got a feeling i cant put my finger on
but just shook hands with as if in greeting or truce

plan b

theres something to be said
for people who plan out history

tuesday tomorrow tonight today

one million and 1
one and 1000000

confessional switch

just shut my eyes
and lock the lids

town province

everythings getting smaller
and soon itll fit in one house

the handshake

ever so slightly
your hand reaches for nothing in particular and finds it

pile of aging quarters

throw them in the water
sink or swim sink or swim

small conversation

they said mt everest wasnt tall enough
i said id lasso the ozone and rope climb to space

electrical outlet

can you unlock me in
because i dont want to be plugged into the ocean

letters of different sizes

when i write them down on paper
they just turn to pulp

old person turn signal

perhaps if i had been electrocuted
someone couldve baked me a cake

lost postcard

arent you supposed to predict realistic things
or am i completely missing the point of no return

stop sign

what a normal day
everything happened exquisitely

hours of moments minutes

if im fifty percent then you are double
understanding spilling off the edges of a shovel

store credit

you can credit it to confidence
but probably was just a case of credibility

new address new numbers

i dont want to be old
before i have new numbers

death test

i guess im bound to fail
since i dont want to pass

50 dollar gift certificate

i hear lasting memories
are on sale nowadays

heart attack

what a stroke of genius
to attack where it hurts

population of north america

i can not think of a context where that information
would have been broadcast so freely only 10 years ago

golden goggles

good at getting geese
our fine feathered friends

static kaleidoscope

seeing is like that
except when you have someone nice

the obvious truthful sledgehammer

nuance and subtlety are very gelatinous
jello never was my favorite

little cavity

sometimes never all forever ubiquitous
frenulum uvula bronchiole alveoli radii

the second world war

forget using bombs as rain
saturday never asks for umbrellas

bad writer

perhaps i shall one day live in westward ho! or saint-louis-du-ha!-ha!
but for now im happy typing a full backspace apostrophe

lite brite morse code

ill cross the world to tell you a story
im put on hold by pixels

computer screens

nobody listens to people anymore
we all listen to our flat screens

pocket knife

the keys on my keyboard
hum out their own tune

hi def white noise

everything seems clearer
when holding hands with the idea

birthday wish


when wed put the blanket on you
youd growl

bad people bad places

its moving away
in the direction you aim for

book title

two health problems
constipation and civilisation

good good good people

believe it
it would be unbelievable for you not to

awkward words

whats the chances
that i pull that out of the wreckage

bad grammar spelling test

tyupos mean nothing
when life is already filled with som any errors

occams razor

dont cut his head off
when taking a picture of him in a guillotine

prison cell

cellular phone
cell division by meiosis

marlboro man smoke rings

diamond ring
ringtone and tinnitus

brief case

suit case
head case

folded papers creased edges

try to fold a paper 7 times
i fold before the cards are even dealt

brain stem

the rain and thunderclaps will stop
as the brainstorm travels to sea

mile long laundry list

inundated doesnt necessarily mean
that the quality will be there

contact list address book

were living in an age
where everyone has a number but nobody knows it

one day

everything is accessible
and unrealistic when youre young

cough cough

ill pass it down to you
sickness from generation to generation

check minus

i wish it was multiple choice
instead of true or false when voting

cheat sheet in code

i just want things to be easy
in the hardest possible way

airplane wing

were building something with no blueprints
screen prints footprints or imprints

bull shit

im not in the business to feign importance
its a bullheaded bull market

toes in a puddle

im sorry for all the things that havent been done
because they will be done by time

cones in birds eyes

about when does the change take place
before or after the flight

military movement

when a war knocks on your door
you have the right to turn about face

grossly obese anorexic trees

a paper weight the weight of paper
isnt stopping any storms

dollar coin

i would give all the money in the world
to buy what money cant buy

telephone noises

dont fight the wind
your voice will be carried off in shackles

episodic fable of temperaments

your protons have quit the only thing they know how to do
as your electrons are fired

team scalene

you cant,
but we have

insufficient amount of antifreeze

put the heat on
then put your love on dry ice

chapter 7

forget everything thats ever happened forever
then write your own book

movies and no swears

what cant be discovered
will always exist in mind

cube of forgotten land

sit back and enjoy a refreshing drink
thats been cooled with antarctic ice

shopping carriage

ive thought of everything but the present
its a steamroller on wheels of steel

refurbished user-installable parts

try to see yourself in the future
are you in stock?

action verb

everybody wants to feel justified, vindicated.
well, i did for one instant.


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