5910.territorially marooned war ideas

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minimum ship: crusted into the tectonics of past yous.
verdant participant: (capricious) not without our creatures.


5909.corroded story

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fictitious weld: (inadmissible) within a time all received.
windowless widow: return to castles that crumble when you sleep. (otherwise)

5908:a pointless extra viscera

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deviating autonomy: (capacious) a black and white meandering.
impassable presence: horned only if the flame comforts. (besmeared)

5907.quixotic universality

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absent delicacy: stacked in layers of you. (twisting)
paralyzed couloir: (acerbic) we’ve stuck a hand into testimony.

5906.a sappy crested assurance

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instrumental necrosis: get ’em out of our hanged language.
optical harangue: careful to understanding’s revision. (riven)

5905.callous indifference

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rejected atmosphere: (birthed) struggles unto our insistance.
beatified dialtone:(verisimilitudinous) microscopic gentrified conversations.

5904.a brick woven town

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windowless scene: always ahead, always. (saturated)
carved mountain: (skepticism) swaths of forced freedom.

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